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About Us

Dawn & her brother Max enjoyed cooking from a young age.  When their parents lived in the UK, you would always smell the sweet aroma of Jamaican cooking as you passed the family home.


The Dawkins family came from a small town called Glengoffe (in St Catherine, Jamaica) where the community loved to cook. 

As they grew older,  Max decided to become a qualified chef whilst Dawn enhanced her cooking skills in Caribbean cuisine.  

By 2010 Dawn & her husband Floyd were constantly being approached to provide a range of Caribbean dishes and beverages such as Sorrel & Ginger or Rum Punch for various events.

The Wilson family then decided to become a business. The name Perfect Taste originated from the quest for perfect flavour and Wilson2Wilson stands for Dawn, Floyd, and their 2 children. Perfect Taste then started to cater for outdoor events.


With such a great passion for outdoor cooking and service, Perfect Taste came third at London's popular  Jerk Cookout event.


At this time Perfect Taste decided to grow the staff team started with family and close friends. Unfortunately in 2012, Max became unwell and sadly passed away in 2013.


Perfect Taste decided to change the format of the business in order to reduce the number of outdoor events so they were able to focus on indoor events, food delivery services and selling their signature drinks. 

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